19-23 November 2019


No matter what you’re hauling, every stop is important. When your customers are depending on you to deliver on time every time, choose Allison. You’ll do more than deliver – you’ll deliver confidently.

Visit Stand 6 U 098 to see Allison innovation first-hand through our industry-leading fully automatic transmissions and the new AXE Series™, a line of fully integrated electric axles.

Discuss your needs with our product consultants, experience our interactive display and more.

AXE Electric Axle Series™

Innovation Delivered

3000 Series™

4000 Series™

Solutrans is where innovation and electrification come to life. With Allison’s reputation for reliability and a booth filled with exciting new products and technologies, this is your chance to talk shop with industry peers and discover unique solutions that work for you. Visit Stand 6 U 098 to ensure your fleet is driving innovation.

Innovative Solutions for Solutrans

Allison is a proud supporter of the 2020 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia. This 10-day high-speed endurance test attracts close to 200 trucks, cars, motorcycles and racing specials to compete in a 3,440 mile (5,537km) race of rocky dirt roads and sandy deserts with towering dunes. In 2019, five out of the top 10 vehicles were Allison-equipped. The Allison 4000 Series™ is built to endure the grueling conditions in Saudi Arabia and on your worksite. Be sure to speak with an Allison representative to find out how you can work confidently.

2020 Dakar Rally

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